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Running Barefoot

Running barefoot is not new. Zola Budd represented Great Britain and South Africa in the Olympics and broke the women's 5km world record in 1985 with a time of 14:48.07 (Wikipedia 2015).  She trained and raced barefoot. She is mostly unknown to the present generation of runners but the older generation will probably remember the controversial race in the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics when the two race favoutites Zola Budd and Mary Decker accidentally bumped into each other ( It will be wonderful if Zola would one day come to this part of the world to share her experiences.

When I was young I used to run around my neighbourhood barefoot  playing soccer. It is hard to imagine children these days who are living in the city doing the same. I started
experimenting with running barefoot in 2010 at the beginning stages of the minimalist shoes era ( My athletes started trainin…