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Old dogs can learn new tricks

When Stephan Wiltshire came to Singapore in July 2014, I took the opportunity to go down to watch him draw at Paragon. I have watched him in  a documentary before on TV. He could draw from memory after an hour up in the air on a helicopter. It was just amazing seeing him draw.

Art is probably the only subject I am able to fail in secondary school. Drawing is something I never thought of ever being able to do. I have asked my athletes who showed interest in drawing to come up with logos or T-shirt designs but most do not have the time to get something significant out. I have ruled myself out in designing or drawing.

There are not many sculptures which depicts sports in action and I thought maybe I should give it a try.  When I picked up books from the library on sculptures, the books' advice is to do lots of drawing first before trying out working on sculptures. So back to square one.

I went to the library and found this book "Drawing on the right side of the brain" by B…

Trying new things

It was not so long ago on the first of Jan 2011, my close friend from university, Siew Noi, invited me to Pulau Ubin. She rented a chalet there and invited a few of our friends including some hostel mates of ours back in the NUS KEKR days. As usual she had some surprizes. She got hold of a wake boarding operator to come over. The instructor Paul managed to get her 9 year kid to wakeboard and it looked fun. I have never tried it before and I gave it a go. It was not easy and some of my friends failed to stand while the boat pulled us out of the water. I failed too at first but after a few attempts, I managed to get one run standing on the wakeboard for around 80m before I lost the grip and ended in the water. I was 47 years old then and it felt great learning something new. In 2014 a cycling trip with my athletes to Ubin and the chalets are no longer in operation. How things can change in just a few years.

I am afraid of heights but in 2014 at the age of 50, I managed my first attempt…