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Coaching long distance runners

Most coaches will tell you that "Coaching is a mix of art and science". A layman may misunderstand the statement and think that coaching is an easy job that anyone can do. After all, how could one argue with those who say running is as natural to humans as flying is to birds. Running has not changed much over the years even though the understanding and knowledge has increased. It thus came as no surprise that RI has not renewed the contract of its long distance running coach Mr. Steven Quek even though he has brought much success to the team. The news and information that I have is from Soh Rui Yong's posting on facebook. Rui Yong was coached by Mr Quek while he was in Singapore and he is Mr Quek's most accomplished athlete. Rui Yong is also the holder of Singapore's 10km record.

I do not know Mr Quek well or even the details of why his contract with RI was not renewed. Running by itself or even as a social activity is indeed not difficult. As some of the athlete…

Teaching and Learning - My four years journey

Teaching is the best form of learning and learning to improve teaching brings great satisfaction. 

Feedback Feedback and reflection helps both the educators and students. Educators need feedback from students just as students need feedback on their own work to improve. I learn from students, books, educators, workshop, seminars etc. and try to apply what I have learnt along the way. One can also learn many things by just watching the famous dog trainer, Cesar Millan, on TV training dogs. In Ceasar's own words "I rehabilitate the dogs and train the people". His immediate feedback to his charges (dogs) in training does wonders even to dogs deemed unfit to be trained. The people he trains to handle the dogs are like the teachers learning to manage their students.

My attempt at feedback was to get students in my lectures to fill a feedback form as shown below. Students are to write the content covered in the lectures. This is to ensure they know the topics that are being tau…